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Getting started



Hi All,

will try to keep this succinct but descriptive. Any helpful comments/advice welcome at any stage - I'm not that experienced in this sort of thing, but here goes!

See this link for the background: [url=""][/url]

Before Xmas 13, got up to Dad's to look at things. Some in a bit of a state, others not as bad as expected.
No so good:
Hopefully superficial corrosion,but will have to see after a clean up:
Secondary silencer definitely blown, will replace with SJ straight thro section.

And not so bad...
very light surface rusting, handbrake cables both operating smoothly, but will get a good lubing anyhow
iphone down the side of the fuel tank shows slight surface corrosion - worth further investigation

First full weekend Feb1/2014:
Aims - re-fit drivers door, get engine going, check state of tank/exhaust/fuel lines/carbs.
Door re-fitted.
Engine - after removing the plugs, turning over by hand several times then on the starter a few more, we cleaned up the plugs (no.1 was looking good, other 3 black & sooty after last run of 22 miles in 1998), re-fitted & gave her a try -

Click for video: no choke, 2 pumps on the throttle & a spray of easy start:

then tried with full choke (sorry about the language at the end - discovered we'd forgotten to reconnect the oil pressure gauge!)


Once the gauge was reconnected we ran her up again for 2 mins (no water at present so v limited run) to check the state of the exhaust, actual oil pressure (70 at c 1500rpm, cold) any obvious oil leaks, nasty top end noises etc, but generally she seems in fine fettle for a car stood for 15 years.

A promising start to getting back on the road by this August....


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Thanks for the info, Moley. I was actually working on the advice of two of the specialists when I ran her up dry....remind me, how much is a water pump recon kit again ;-))

Does the carbon seal come as part of the recon kit, do you know? Was planning to do it, but then decided we probably don't need to take the lump out yet. Think I saw recently that someone on here managed it in situ, but not sure if theirs is an A/C model. Thoughts?

Thx, Dave

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