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Engine in, well sort of ..



Now spring seems finally here I have made a good bit of progress on the Europa, I'm also rebuilding the 5 speed gearbox in my Lotus Elan so thats taken up some of my time of late

Back to the Europa

I have had a linner fitted to the Europa block as there was corrosion in one cylinder where it had been left with the head gasket blown :(
The crank was still at STD and was perfect a bit of luck .yay :) but the jackshaft bearings were very grim and needed changing and are a real pain to remove
So I replaced all the bearings, water pump, fuel and oil pump also new rings and timing chain, and put it all back together, but the head needed alot of work and I am still waiting for it to come back from the machine shop



Next I spent my time working on the chassis and the gearbox

I made my own gearbox mounts and got the banks gear linkage working, I'm using a 5 speed NG3 gearbox from a Renault fuego turbo that should take the BHP from my uprated twincam


I have refurbished or replaced everything on the chassis and so far have really enjoyed doing it :thumbsup:


I've got some piping up to do on the brake pipes, fit the head and do the valve timing, then the body can go back on and give me some much needed space




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