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Engine out (or not…)?



Well, since my first post back in December about getting up & running by August, things have changed somewhat:

Went on Holiday 1st week of Jan, saw a house, bought it...Sold current Berkshire residence, sold current Berkshire business, and will be living in new house near Bude by Easter if all goes to plan.

So, instead of being a mere 3 hours away from the esprit, it'll now be a 7 hour trek....On the plus side, I'll be kind of semi-retired, so should be able to get up there for longer each time.

The main goal is to get the bodywork done while in Lincoln ready for a move to Cornwall, but it would be good to get it MOT'd & drive there rather than using a trailer so, with one more visit planned for before we go, I wanted to get opinions before I start doing stuff that might cause further problems.

The plan for the coming weekend is:

- Remove all lining panels & steam clean the engine

- Renew all fuel hoses

- fit straight thro stainless exhaust section (replacing first silencer)

- Rig up a temporary (with clear tubes) cooling system to check water pump operation & seals. Will any damage to the seals necessarily be obvious?... Thanks to John (Molemot) for the info re: the water pump and likely result of running it dry.

- assuming pump OK, balance carbs with current gaskets

- While warm, test compression

Assuming all of the above goes well, then leave the engine in and replace timing belt while it's on the ramp. Bodywork will be going on alongside the above.

If, OTOH, any of the above need work then I reckon it's an engine out job...

Any comments welcome.

Pics to follow early April


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