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Yup...engine's gotta come out



Slight change to the order of items on the last plan meant we piped up the cooling system first and ran it to test the water pump, proving a fairly significant leak from the shaft. Once again John, thanks for the heads up. Dripping off bolt seen below cambelt:

Unlike the last test, she also sounded like she was running on 2 cyls. The only thing tags was different was that to take the boot floor liner out, TOM had undone the HT & LT leads, coil and reg/rec connectors. All appear to be fine and properly reconnected, but we still have the running on two problem. Plugs came out dry so not water in the cyls..

Warm (ish) compression test had 1&[email protected] and 137 respectively-ok, but 3&4 at 105 and 115 max, so it's out with the engine.

OSR caliper, last 2 exhaust sections and boot liners removed tonight ready for full assault tomorrow.

From various posts, I've picked up on speedo cable and reverse sensor as being sensitive items...anything else to watch for specifically.?


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