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Good Clutch News



With the lump now out, first thing was a bit of a clean, from this:
to this:

Still a way to go, but it's clean enough to work on.

with the ancillaries removed, the next task was to take the clutch & 'box off to investigate the situation:
This shaft (specifically its bearing) was/may still be a source of concern:
I believe it to be a "floating" shaft, and currently assume that the 3/8" lateral play is meant to be there… off to the manual for the specs.

But at least we can see that the clutch was replaced 30 odd miles and 15 years ago…YAAY

Engine mounts are a bit past their best, as is this bit of heat shield:

and she's riding high without the weight of the engine

... the offending water pump is now ready to go for refurb

Bit of a delay likely now until the house move is over. Next planned major works beginning of July.

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