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My 2 passions, Lotus and HiFi!



Hi All,

I thought I would start a blog sharing my 2 loves, basically all things Lotus and HiFi, hopefully some will find it enjoyable.

My first love was the Lotus Elan M100, I spent a couple of years dreaming of owning one, it really was love at first site when announced, then in 1992 I took delivery of a brand new red one, that started a love affair with all things Lotus which after a few different Lotus's has just resulted in the ordering of a LF1 which I still feel guilty about ordering as for me that is a crazy amount to spend on a car but when I saw it at the Lotus Silverstone dealer at the British GP I just couldn't stop thinking about it, I often say that ignorance is bliss and that just proves it, can't wait for delivery though :)

My other love is for all things to do with music, especially live music and hifi, this resulted in shutting down my print business and my wife and I selling our house a couple of years ago to free up the equity and following the dream of becoming a hifi dealer, so far it has been a case of so far so good as we are now approaching the completion of our 2nd year and we are still here :) In fact we are just about to open our 2nd shop which will be focusing on Highend Headphones which will certainly be interesting as no one else is really doing this so it is a total punt but fingers crossed.

Anyway I will post news stories to do with HiFi and Headphones as well as pics from when I get the LF1 and updates on how I am getting on with it.



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