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HiFi News!



I thought I would post a few of the blogs that I have posted lately on a couple of the HiFi Forums to get this up to speed then I will update regularly with anything new, cheers.

The whole ethos of HiFi Lounge was to be something like a HiFi social club where it would be very relaxed, no pressure sales and a nice environment to demo a great variety of HiFi components, we didn't want to offer all the brands under the sun, just the brands that I enjoy personally with the hope being that others would like them also, I think it is fair to say that our portfolio has grown over the last 2 years but I now feel that I have got everything together that I originally envisaged.

Anyway I will update this blog with any new products that come through our doors and try to write mini reviews where I can, we also try to do a few open days throughout the year which have become quite popular, the last one we did last week was in conjunction with Naim and we had over 100 people come in which is still quite amazing, I think that was the appeal of a free BBQ more than anything So please keep an eye out for news on our next open day.

I won't keep on any longer, if you'd like to see any of my older blogs please follow the link below and thanks for looking.


Website -


Feel free to follow us on twitter and facebook -





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