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The New S Series Subwoofers From REL Now on Demo!



Hi All,

Just a quick one to say that we now have the full new REL S Series Range on demo which comprises of 3 new models, the S2, S3 and S5, these are a clear step up from the excellent outgoing R Series and also can now be run wireless thanks to REL’s new Longbow technology first seen with the Habitat1 making installation extremely easy.

It has long been known that REL is the subwoofer company to go to for a sub to integrate with a 2 channel system thanks to its Hi Level connector meaning that you can integrate a REL sub seamlessly with your front L+R speakers, I was always against a sub for music until I tried a REL at home a couple of years ago and it really does work.

Another thing I’d like to share is an upgrade that I did at home this week to my system, which I have to say is one of the best in AV terms that I have ever done so I thought I’d share it, although many have probably already tried it. When I was at Munich a couple of weeks ago for the Highend Show the most impressive demo believe it or not was the REL demo, they were running 3 subs for cinema, now I’ve always read that more than one sub is the way to go but I had never experienced it, so there was one on the front L+R for high level and .1, one on the centre for high level only and one on the rears for high level and .1. I have to say it made such a difference to the overall immersion, especially having a sub on the rears. When all 3 subs were working you were right in the heart of the action, as soon as the rear sub was turned off the soundstage jumped to the front, it was quite a stark difference.

So this week I added a REL habitat1 to the rears at home and a REL T7 to the centre to go with the R-328 that I already had, a bit of a hotch botch of different subs but the difference really is astonishing as it means that you can set all your speakers to large thanks to the high level connection which just adds more weight and scale to the soundstage, not necessarily more bass, although I did have to go round the room and move a few things that were rattling a bit too much

The best upgrade though is adding a sub to the rear channels, for me that was a real game changer as having that extra bass, especially on an action film say where a jet plane fly’s from the rear to the front is absolutely brilliant, adding a small sub to the centre helped level out the front soundstage and equalise the room better but if 3 subs is a little overkill then I would go with 2, one for the front and one for the rear, it is made a lot easier now thanks to REL’s wireless technology meaning you don’t have to run cables everywhere.

I did have to buy an RCA splitter though for my Arcam AV950 as it only has 1 sub out but after talking to REL this really isn’t a problem for the .1 channel.

Anyway, sorry for going on a bit, it is just that I’ve been playing around with kit for what seems like years now and I thought I’d experienced most things in AV but if anyone has got a spare sub kicking about I would highly recommend experimenting as it is a real game changer.

Finally if anyone would like to come in to demo and of the new REL S Series please feel free to pop in anytime.

Below are a couple of pics of the new REL Range that I took at Munich and the awesome G1 for good measure.








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