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Valves Come To HiFi Lounge With PrimaLuna!



Hi All,

Just in time for winter to help keep us warm we have added PrimaLuna’s range of brilliant valve products, well that is not the only reason. Since we launched I have always wanted to add a valve brand to our portfolio as an alternative to all the solid state systems out there, but with so much choice out there I spent a good year reading reviews and doing my research as this was my first step into using Tubes and was a little wary of the technology and all the stories you hear about the problems of living with valves, but it didn’t matter what I read I always kept coming back to PrimaLuna for many reasons.

PrimaLuna are Dutch Company who launched their first valve amp in 2003 to glowing reviews, excuse the pun. The whole ethos behind PrimaLuna was to design Tube products that offer that beautiful human and lifelike valve sound but that had to be easy to use, affordable, beautifully built, and designed to last a lifetime, almost the perfect product. Really PrimaLuna have revolutionised the valve amp market by introducing ‘Adaptive AutoBias’ which is an exclusive design which monitors the tubes in real time and adjusts them as needed, so the tubes always perform at their best and you don’t have to worry about setting the bias. They also use a soft start circuitry so when you power up the amp it will wake up slowly so not to put too much stress on the valves and as well as the finest point to point wiring and the use of high end components and other safe guards in the design to prolong the life of the tubes, up to 10,000 hours for the output valves and 3000 hours for the power valves, all goes to making them as easy to live with as a solid state product.

We are concentrating on the PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium range which is their top range but are still extremely affordable and can cater for EL34 power valves offering that smooth laid back valve sound or KT88’s or KT120’s which offer more power, grip and scale, again in true PrimaLuna fashion it is extremely easy to swap valves as you would just take out say the EL34 and replace it with a KT120 and set the bias switch on the side to the KT120 position and the Bias is automatically set. Also the Dialogue Premium range comes with a seriously solid and quality remote which allows you to do all the normal stuff but it also allows you to switch between Triode and Ultralinear modes to offer 2 very distinct presentations, all this comes in a high gloss hand rubbed finish which completes a stunning package which is hard to believe for the price.

Obviously all of the above counts for nothing if it doesn’t sound any good but this isn’t a concern as I have been listening to the Dialogue Premium Integrated this morning on the Maggie 12’s and as combination it is stunning, if you have never experienced the valve sound before then you really should as it offers something very different to the conventional solid state amps, extremely lifelike, rich and real, much the same way that vinyl sounds, hence why vinyl and valves are 2 of the biggest growth areas in HiFi at the moment.

Currently I am running the EL34 power tubes with KT120’s on their way to me so that will be interesting to see how that alters the characteristics, at the moment we only have the integrated on demo but I also have on order the Dialogue Premium Preamplifier and 2 of the stereo/mono amps which you can either run as one stereo amp of at the flick of a switch it becomes a mono power amp, another brilliant PrimaLuna feature.

Anyway I’ll shut up now as I could go on forever on how good the PrimaLuna kit is, but mainly it is cracking value for money, looks and sounds amazing and is extremely easy to live with, for me that is an unbeatable combination, just watch your back though as I have never had to lift such a heavy piece of HiFi.

It has been said that everyone who is into HiFi and music should at least once in their life own a valve system, now I can see why and I can see a PrimaLuna system making its way into my house very shortly as I start to put a system together for home, so if you’d like to come in for a listen please feel free, right I’m off to try it with some different speaker combinations, as ever here are a few pictures and for the full range of products please click below -






[B]With Its Protective Guard In Place[/B]




[B]Naked & Beautiful :-)[/B]




[B]Who Turned The Lights Out![/B]





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