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Magneplanar MG 3.7's Now On Demo!



Hi Everyone,

Ever since hearing the Maggie 12’s and 1.7’s a few weeks ago, which led to me becoming a Magnepan dealer due to being so impressed, one question kept bugging me, if the 12’s and 1.7’s are this good how good must their bigger brothers be? so after a quick phone call to the Maggie guys we now have the Magneplanar MG 3.7’s on demo, and the answer to that question is staggeringly good :)

There is something quite captivating about the Maggie sound, if you have never heard a magneplanar speaker before it is well worth popping in for a listen to something that sounds very different to a conventional box speaker. They really do offer something quite different and for vocal and acoustic they really do present the music in a very ‘live’ manner, as if the artist is performing right there in front of you.

The 3.7’s start at £6,000, yes a lot of money, but once you’ve heard them £6,000 becomes a bit of a high end bargain, as I don’t know of any speaker that can perform at the level they do for the money.

I am in the process of organising a Maggie Open Day on October 5th, probably with the 12’s in our downstairs demo room and the 3.7’s upstairs so it will be a great opportunity to hear something quite different, more details to follow once I’ve got everything in place.

Just to wet the appetite please see some pics below, please feel free to come in before the open day though as I will have them set up pretty much permanently, just because I am enjoying listening to them so much :)







Thanks for looking,




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