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Michell Engineering and SME Now On Demo!



Hi Everyone,

Well it certainly took longer than expected to get my Michell Engineering Gyro Dec and Orbe on demo but I couldn’t be happier, as an Orbe owner before starting HiFi Lounge I always wanted to offer Michell turntables to our customers, as far as I am concerned there is no more iconic turntable that the Gyro Dec in HiFi, yes it looks stunning, it really is a great piece of engineering but most importantly it sounds equally good also, then there is the mighty Orbe, when you look at how much you can spend on a fully specc’d LP12 nowadays it makes the Orbe look like the bargain of the century, even when fitted with a top arm and cartridge.

When I owned my Orbe I always dreamt of having a SME V tonearm installed on it, now I have got the prefect excuse, as a dealer, to install one on our demo unit, and what a tonearm it is, I had never installed one before and I must admit that I thought it would be quite a painful experience considering all the adjustments that are possible but it really couldn’t have been easier, the instructions are fantastic and it takes you through step by step and before you know it you have got a 100% perfectly set up tonearm, the level of adjustment really is quite unbelievable, like the Michell turntables the SME tonearms really are quite a beautiful piece of engineering.

We have the Orbe SE with Iso Base and SEcure cover on demo partnered with the SME V tonearm and Dynavector XX2 cartridge, which all sounds amazing, for the Gyro Dec we have fully blown Gyro on demo with the Michell TechnoArm and a Dynavector 20x2 which sounds great also.

Don’t forget our 1st anniversary party on October 26th which is also a vinyl day so we will be running the Gyro Dec, Orbe and Rega RP8 on our Musical Fidelity, Bryston and Naim systems with vinyl for sale on the day, please do bring along any vinyl you’d like to hear, we are also having a Turntable themed cake being made which if it comes out as planned will be too good to eat :-)

Please see below for more info on the Michell Engineering and SME ranges -

[url=]Michell Engineering[/url]

[url=]SME Tonearms and Turntables[/url]

As ever here are a few pictures -

[B]From This, A Pile Of Boxes -[/B]


[B]To This, The Gyro Dec In All Its Glory.[/B]




[B]And The Excellent Orbe With SME V[/B]





Hope to see you at our vinyl day on October 26th :-)




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