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Can Ya See What It Is Yet?



Hi Everyone,

In preparation for our vinyl day and 1st anniversary this weekend we thought we’d get in the mood by trying something a little different. In our upstairs demo room we have had a wall behind the projector that has been crying out for a splash of colour ever since we opened, so I spoke to my friendly artist, Stephen Hill, who did our excellent HiFi Lounge painting in our downstairs demo room and designed the HiFi lounge Logo, to see if he could come up with any vinyl inspired ideas, being the clever man that he is he instantly came up with something that was absolutely perfect.

[B]Below is the initial drawing he did to give us an idea of what he was thinking - [/B]


[B]Excellent we said, let’s do it, below are a few pictures of the work in progress -

PMC Wafers removed, Leaves A Rather Bare Looking Wall.[/B]


[B]Then the image is projected onto the wall as a template.[/B]


[B]Let The Work Begin.[/B]





[B]There we go, a Michell GyroDec, One Of The World’s Most Iconic Turntables, larger than Life.

[B]Now With The Wafers Back In Place, Looking Good :-)[/B]


[B]Side On.[/B]


Next up will be our Anniversary Cake, MMmmm, I wonder what that will be :-)

Thanks to Stephen for his ideas and skill in making this happen and hope to see some of you for our 1st anniversary bash on Saturday.




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