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PMC Twenty.26 Speakers are in the Building :-)



Hi All,

It was 6pm last night and I was about to leave for the the day when Brian, the PMC driver, turned up with a very nice surprise, a pair of brand spanking new Twenty.26’s, obviously the thoughts of an early finish disappeared as I stayed long into the evening to get them unboxed and to give them a good listen.

Well they certainly feel like a Twenty speaker on steroids from the size of box, to the plinth, the cabinet, even the grills are thicker to accommodate the protruding mid range, and they weigh a fair bit also, I listened to them last night for an hour or so, driven by the Devialet 170 and they seem to be everything I’d hoped for, fantastic Twenty clarity with real bass presence and a very natural sounding mid, obviously they are a bit tight at the moment so I’ll move them upstairs later and run them for a few days and get some Bryston power running through their veins, that should free them up nicely in readiness for our PMC and Bryston open day on April 12th, details below -

[URL='']hifi lounge, PMC and Bryston Owners Club April 12th + 10% Off any PMC or Bryston Products Bought On The Day![/URL]

It just dawned on my that my next weeks work is listening to the Twenty.26’s at volume to get them run in ready for the event, it’s a tough life :) Got Daft Punk’s ‘Random Access Memories’ playing at the moment and they really do sound fantastic.

Here are a few pics, not the best quality admittedly -







Hope to see you on April 12th,



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