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Mcintosh Joins Our Portfolio With the MHA100 and D100!




Hi All,

This is really exciting news as since opening HiFi Lounge towards the end of 2012 there has always been one brand that I have always wanted to add to our portfolio, the cherry on the top if you like, that brand being McIntosh.

Is there any Hifi brand more iconic than McIntosh Laboratory’s? probably not, with their classic black glass front panels, blue VU meters and green lettering, there really is no mistaking a McIntosh product. They are based in Binghampton, New York and were founded in 1949 by Frank McIntosh and have gone from strength to strength over the years creating some of the most respected Hifi ever created. They even powered The Woodstock Music Festival in 1969 and helped create The Grateful Dead’s legendary ‘Wall of Sound’ in 1974, delivering 28,800 watts of continuos power from forty eight McIntosh power amps, the most powerful sound system by some margin at the time.

Being that we are bringing on McIntosh for Highend Headphones to start with we are starting of quite small by adding the stunning new MHA100 dedicated headphone amplifier and the D100 DAC/PRE/Headphone Amp, once we have finished kitting out the new shop I will then bring on the big McIntosh stuff for HiFi Lounge, I’ve already got my wish list in place :)

The MHA100 really is a stunning headphone amp that will drive any headphone out there thanks to its 3 different impedance settings + normal and high gain, from ear buds to the hardest to drive headphones, it even has a 50 watts per channel power amp built in to drive a pair of speakers, you could also use the speaker taps to drive the hardest to drive headphones on the planet using their adaptor, the HiFiMan HE-6’s, leaving the front output for a more normal pair of headphones shall we say, the MHA100 also contains a highend DAC with asynchronous USB, it’s a great way to own a piece of McIntosh without having to re-mortgage the house and it has to be the best looking headphone amp on the planet, can’t wait to try it with the Abyss AB01266 headphones :)

Then there is the D100 DAC / Digital Preamp with a high quality headphone amp built in, use it as a headphone amp or hook it straight up to a power amp to create a fantastic digital system, I know a lot of headphone guys in the states use this DAC into some very high quality headphone amps so I am really looking forward to getting my hands on the D100.

I am expecting my demo MHA100 and D100 to be with us in a couple of weeks so If you would like to see how McIntosh could sit at the centre of your headphone rig please pop into Highend Headphones for a demo and to discuss further.

Please find a link to both products on our website + a few pictures -










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