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Ultrasone Edition 5 Headphones - The Worlds Best Closed Back Cans!



Hi All,

Yesterday I was lucky enough to spend some time listening to the very special Ultrasone Edition 5 Headphones, these are special for so many reasons, which I will go through shortly.

I did listen to these briefly at Munich back in May and was instantly impressed so when the Ultrasone guys offered to pop over for an extended listen, well I wasn’t going to say no.

Firstly there are only 555 pairs of Ultrasone Edition 5’s available worldwide with only 20 pairs coming into the UK making them a true collectors piece and an instant classic, also they are made from only premium organic materials so they have aluminium cups and headband, the earcups are made from bog oak meaning that they are 100’s of years old which give them a beautiful rich colour and unique grain, then the headband and earcups are lined with Ethiopian sheepskin, used for isolation, breathing ability and true comfort, it is obvious to see that Ultrasone have chosen these material very carefully which all helps to create a truly unique headphone.

As well as the very special materials used they also include an enhanced version of Ultrasone’s patented S-Logic technology called S-Logic EX, which helps give their headphones a more spatial, natural and open sound and it really does work, again making Ultrasone sound like no other headphone and closer to a highend pair of speakers.

Anyway that is all the spec, most importantly how do they sound? well firstly you can’t fail but to be impressed by their build quality and just how light and comfortable they are, these easily rival the Stax SR-009’s for being the most comfortable headphones I have ever tried, you just don’t know you are wearing them, listening for hours just wouldn’t be a problem.

As for sound quality, well I knew they would be good but listening to music I actually know rather than show music really amazed me just how good these are, totally effortless, smooth, detailed, great bass weight, big soundstage but mostly just so musical, natural and listenable, so when you put this together with the comfort factor you end up with most definitely the best closed back headphones that I have listened to by some margin and to be fair one of the top 3 headphones I have ever heard regardless of closed or open back, they really are that good.

My only complaint is that they are only making 555 pairs, this is a real shame as even at their retail price of £3000 they are worth every penny, to get close to this performance from a pair of speakers you really would need to spend well over 10K or 20K, hopefully once they have all sold Ultrasone will bring out a full retail pair using the same technology.

Due to the fact that there is only 20 pairs coming into the UK we don’t have the Edition 5’s on permanent demo, which is a shame, but with a days notice we can get the UK demo pair in so please feel free to get in touch to make an appointment to hear what I consider to be a stunning pair of cans that I am actually considering buying a pair for myself.

We will also have these on demo at the National Audio Show at Whittlebury Hall this coming September 21st/22nd as Highend Headphones will be running this years ‘Headzone’ more news to follow shortly.

Please find more info below and a few pictures -














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