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Highend Headphones Showroom Launch Party + National Audio Show News!




Hi Everyone,

A couple of dates for everyones diary’s, the first is Saturday September 27th which is our new shop launch for Highend Headphones, all being well it will all be kitted out and up and running by then as there still seems so much to do but now that the floor is down and the security all finished it is just a matter of getting all the furniture in place and plugging everything in, it seems to have taken ages to get this far so both myself and Wendy can’t wait to open the doors to everyone.

Many of the manufacturer’s will be on hand to answer and questions and help run the event, also for [b]one day only we will be offering 10% off any headphones, amps, dacs or cables[/b] that are bought at the launch event so a great time to save a few pounds.

Also in our smaller demo room Final Audio Design will be running workshops where you can build your own Heaven II earphones, this has never been done before outside of Japan where it always proves to be a a massive success. The Heaven II’s get great reviews and by building them yourselves you can tune the bass to a response that suits you, these will be limited in numbers so we may have to to a first come first served basis, more news to follow on this.

Both Wendy and myself are really looking forward to putting Highend Headphones out there as there really is no one doing Headphones like this in the UK where you can come and try all the best headphones and amps all under one roof, in a beautiful setting with no pressure sales, just sit back, relax and choose the right headphones for you.

We will have refreshments throughout the day with croissants and coffee for the early risers and nibbles throughout the rest of the day.

If you are planning to come along please feel free to let me know at [email=""][email protected][/email], look forward to seeing you on the 27th!

[b]Headzone @ The National Audio Show September 21st/22nd![/b]


We certainly don’t like to make life easy for ourselves as the week before our new shop launch we are packing up Highend Headphones and taking it all to the National Audio Show at Whittlebury Hall over the weekend of September 21st and 22nd as we take over the whole of the ‘Headzone’ Hall.

This is a brilliant audio show that I have attended for the last few years but this year we have been in discussion with the organisers for some time to taking the Headzone area to the next level, so there are going to be 12 stands that we are going to fill with the help of the manufacturers that have offered their support, we will be taking all the brands we represent but the below will have their own stands -
[*]Fostex - Showing the new TH-500’s along with the TH-600’s and TH-900’s
[*]Ultrasone - Showing the awesome Edition 5, Only 20 pairs available in the UK + the rest of their range
[*]OPPO - With the new PM-2 Headphones along with the PM-1 and HA-1.
[*]Chord - Showing the amazing little Hugo, this product really is a game changer
[*]Grado - With the full range of their new ‘e’ Series of headphones
[*]Audeze - Showing their complete range of LCD-2’s, LCD-3’s, LCD-X’s and LCD-XC’s
[*]Astell&Kern - Bringing along the best portable players in the world with the AK100 II, AK120 II and AK240
[*]Atlas Cables with Aedle Headphones - running 4 identical rigs showing the difference cables make in a highend rig by swapping over different cable ranges.
Plus Highend Headphones will have a large part of the display area to represent all the other brands like, Stax, HiFiMan, Beyerdynamic, Abyss, Sennheiser, Final Audio Design, McIntosh, Trilogy, Burson and Bryston + others so it is certainly going to be a week getting set up for this one. The Headzone area has now been moved into the Brooklands Suite which is right near the main entrance so very easy to find this year, please see the floor plan below to where to find us -


Also for any purchases at the show we have worked with everyone to be able to [b]offer 10% off for anything purchased at the show,[/b] if you would like anymore information regarding this please feel free to get in touch.

Please find a link below to the National Audio Shows website below and we hope to see you there.

[url=""]National Audio Show 2014 | Home Audio Show | Chester Group[/url]

[url=""]Chester Group | Leaders in High Performance Home Audio & Future Technology Shows[/url]

So it looks like September is going to be a very busy month :)




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