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OPPO PM-2 Headphones Now On Demo!



Hi All,

Just a quick update in between being busy putting furniture together for the new headphone shop launch in a couple of weeks to say that we now have the much anticipated new OPPO PM-2 headphones on permanent demo.

I think it is fair to say that the OPPO PM-1’s have been extremely well received and really bought something different to the headphone arena what with being very easy to drive, extremely comfortable and offering a very insightful, detailed and clean sound whilst retaining a little warmth, the beauty of using planar drivers.

So how will the PM-2 compare being that they are £400 cheaper and uses the same drivers as the PM-1, well sonically they are quite similar but there is just a tad more refinement and control with the PM-1 which doesn’t take anything away from the PM-2 as a £400 saving is not to be sniffed at, a lot of the saving has been made by using cheaper materials, a cheaper cable and not providing the luxury wooden box with them.

Please see below for the key differences between the OPPO PM-1 and PM-2 Headphones -


If you’d like to come in to try the new OPPO PM-2’s please feel free to get in touch to book an appointment.

Below is more info on our website and a few pictures taken earlier -





[b]OPPO PM-1 (right) v PM-2[/b]





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