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Highend Headphones Showroom Launch Party Update!



Hi All,

Just thought I would post a quick update as with the National Audio Show next weekend followed by the launch of Highend Headphones showroom the week after it is going to be a busy couple of weeks, I seemed to be awake half the night last night trying to figure out how to connect up 20 headphone amps for the show with as few sources as possible, so far managed 11 amps from 2 sources, well that is in theory anyway :-)

The reason for this post is that a large milestone in the setting up of Highend Headphones happened last week as the chairs turned up, not really headphone news I guess but trying to decide on the look and feel of Highend Headphones seemed such a big task that once we had decided I really couldn’t wait for all the furniture to arrive, we decided on classic Chesterfields for the seating which were all hand made in the UK and took about 8 weeks to arrive, I was starting to worry a little as it is all starting to get a little close to launch now but once they arrived they were certainly worth the wait, we looked at many companies who produce Chesterfields but we decided on Distinctive Chesterfields who we couldn’t fault at all -


One of the other chairs we bought from Ebay that had really seen better days and we had it totally re-furbished to something that really does look quite stunning, that is if like me you like Purple :-) It was done by local guy called Daniel Rycroft who we can highly recommend -


Anyway below are a few pictures of what we hope everyone will find very comfy headphone listening chairs -


Before Refurbishment![/B]


After, Obviously :-)[/B]



Anyway hope to see loads of you for the National Audio Show next weekend and then at our new Headphone showroom launch the following week, also don’t forget that we are offering 10% off any headphone products over those 2 weekends so a good time to save a few pennies.




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