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Highend Headphones Update!



Hi All,

It has been a bit of a frantic week trying to get everything organised ready for the National Audio Show this weekend but we are nearly there.
After taking a big HiFi rig to last years National Audio show the idea this year was to to just take a few headphones and amps, the trouble is over the last few months that idea has grown to the point that we are now pretty much running the whole headphone area at the show, below is a picture I have just taken of all the amps we are taking and this is without all the headphones, really do think we are going to need a bigger van -



We have also now got the 4 of the below banners just arrived that we will be using to help decorate the Headzone at NAS14-


Regarding the Highend Headphone shop launch next Saturday 27th we have now been running the below ads in HiFi News and HiFi Choice to hopefully get the word out there + we will be giving these out at the show -


And finally, Wendy is heading over to a local artist’s house this morning, who also happens to be a customer, to choose 2 of his paintings to hang on the wall of the new main showroom and Steven who has done all our art in HiFi lounge next week will be painting the below in the entrance to Highend Headphones. So as you can see the last few weeks have been consumed with headphones but I can’t wait for this weekend for the show and next weekend to finally open the doors to the Highend Headphones showroom and share with everyone what we seem to have been planning for months now -


Hope to see you at one or both of the following 2 events.



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