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Today Is D-Day Ahead Of Highend Headphones Showroom Launch Party Tomorrow! - Vipers' Lotus and HiFi Blog - The Lotus Forums Jump to content
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Today Is D-Day Ahead Of Highend Headphones Showroom Launch Party Tomorrow!



Hi All,

Just a quick blog to say that we are sailing pretty close to the wind regarding the launch party tomorrow for our new Highend Headphones showroom but after a week of 10pm finishes it really is all starting to all come together and the end is in sight, I have to say that it is really looking pretty good.

I’ll keep this short for a change as really need to get back over there and get everything working, we did have one scare as for some reason the power sockets for all the amps kept blowing a fuse, I have been testing them over the last couple of days and they seem ok at the moment so fingers crossed.

Anyway look forward to seeing some of you tomorrow, we will have croissants and coffee for breakfast followed by nibbles around lunchtime, also don’t forget that for any headphone related purchases tomorrow there will be 10% off to celebrate our launch. I have actually decided to carry the discount on till Friday 3rd of October for anyone who can’t make the launch or would like to come in for some critical listening when it isn’t an open day.

Below are a couple of pics of the work in progress -

[b]Amp testing earlier in the week.[/b]



[b]This was yesterday with a pretty awesome surprise being painted by our artist friend Stephen Hill at the entrance.[/b]



Hope to see you tomorrow.


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