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Springsteen Remasters, The Release Of The Year :-)




Hi All,

There have been Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin remasters lately but this is the one I have been waiting for, Bruce Springsteen is re-releasing his first 7 albums remastered from the original master tapes as a box set on the 17th November as both CD and Vinyl :) For me it doesn’t get any better than this although I must say though that it is a shame that there is no 24 Bit download available at the same time, but for me the vinyl is what I am most excited by, follow the link for more information -

[url=""]‘Bruce Springsteen: The Album Collection Vol. 1, 1973-1984’ boxed set out November 17 - The Official Bruce Springsteen Website[/url]

For me the best of Bruce’s work were his first 4 albums, I grew up listening to these on my walkman with my first weeks wages going on Bruce’s back catalogue on tape back in ‘85, according to the reports, thanks to new mastering techniques there is a new level of detail on these albums that have never been heard before which really is fantastic news for all Bruce fans, I just can’t wait to sit back and re-visit these classic albums in all their re-mastered glory.



It is a real shame that the box set isn’t going to be released in time for our 2nd anniversary vinyl day on October 18th as it would have been fun to play a few tracks but maybe we should arrange another Bruce Springsteen day but this time just working through all 7 albums in order, now that sounds like fun :-)

Talking of our 70’s themed vinyl day in a couple of weeks, details below, I have been buying up a fair bit of 70’s vinyl lately, I have just got round to ordering the re-mastered Led Zeppelin box sets + I’ve just bought my 2 favourite Bowie albums on vinyl, Scary Monsters and Hunky Dory along with some Bread and Carpenters vinyl classics for a bit more laid back listening, but if you have got some 70’s vinyl please do bring it along to our vinyl day to give it a spin.

So although the new Bruce vinyl won’t be out in time for our vinyl day I do have the original versions so I guess we could still play a couple of tracks, anyway hope to see you at our Vinyl day on October 18th.





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