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Latest Arcam News, UDP411, CDS27 and A39!



Hi Everyone,

Well as we have said before, it is certainly a busy time for Arcam at the moment and as one of our favourite brands it is great to see so many excellent products coming out of Arcam HQ just up the road in Cambridge.

I thought I would just do a quick post with a couple of updates on some of the incoming products, please see below -

[b]Arcam FMJ UDP411 Universal Player.[/b]

We took delivery of our demo UDP411 yesterday, this is a product I’ve been looking forward to quite a lot as it is going up head to head against my favourite Blu Ray player brand OPPO with their brilliant 105D player, I listened to an early UDP411 and for out and out sound quality I was really impressed, very different to the OPPO but then choice is always good, but apparently it is even more refined now than a few weeks ago when I listened.

I will run it in first but a player that can play Blu Rays, CD’s, SACD’s and is also a network streamer is always going to be an interesting proposition, please find more info on our site and a few pictures below, needless to say if you’d like a demo please get in touch.





[b]Arcam FMJ A39 Integrated Amplifier[/b]

Every now and again a product comes along that just seems to be too good to be true and this is where the A39 comes in, basically this is a slightly cut down version of the awesome A49 and it only costs £1500, using the same Class G technology, I was lucky enough to have a listen to a early version again and I was amazed how close it gets to the A49, obviously it hasn’t got the same power but for normal listening it offers a very similar presentation at a price that I find hard to believe, we should have the A39 on demo shortly, if you are after a new amp then I would highly recommend a listen.






[b]Arcam FMJ CDS27 Player[/b]

For the last piece of news, Arcam will shortly also have their new audio only player available, basically the CDS27 replaces the CD17 and CD37 and will play CD’s, SACD’s and is also a network steamer up to 24/192 and at a price of £800, what is not to like.

It uses the class leading TI/ Burr Brown PCM1794 DAC and also uses a high precision re-clocking system along with a new specially designed power supply. The player has single-ended and balanced outputs so again I am expecting big things of the CDS27.




So as you can see it is certainly a busy time for Arcam and great to see them really getting stuck back into the 2 channel market again where so many of us first really got into hifi with Arcam.

Next up will be the P49 and C49 but that is for another blog, if any Arcam products do take your interest please do get in touch as we will have the full range on demo.




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