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Seized wastegate on V8 project

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Had a small problem with a stuck wastegate on the V8, when it returned to Lotus in December last year. The wastegate was freed up and all seemed to be okay following that.

At the weekend, I was doing to checks and routine maintenance and noticed that the wastegate was stuck once again. It was not able to close fully and movement was very stiff. The car has been used most weekends, so there is something not right. Not my favourite job, but the turbo had to be swapped out. The units are hybrids, but luckily I had another pair on the shelf.

Once off, I split the turbine and was able to get some movement in the wastegate, but it is definitely not free. Guess, I need a new swing arm.

The new unit was easy enough to fit

After adding the coolant back in and bleeding the system out, I went for a test drive. I´ve now got solid boost to 1bar, which is making for instanely fast acceleration. The best news of all, is that the clutch is now rock solid at that boost level.

Sometime soon, I´ll be looking to get the car back on the dyno for some real optimisation.

Mike S
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Hmm. Usually it's the LH wastegate that siezes. On my way to Italy for a guided tour round the Ferrari factory.

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I've seen one like this.

But then the entire turbine housing was cracked as well...

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