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Introducing The New Trilogy 931 Headphone Amplifier!



Hi Everyone,

One of our favourite headphone amps is the Trilogy 933, with its pure single ended Class A design it really does take some beating when it comes to out and out sound quality, the only drawback we can see is that at £1995 it isn’t going to be for everyone, well the good news is that Nic Poulson of Trilogy realises this so he has been working on the 931, which is basically a cut down version of the 933 without the external power supply and is designed without compromise to get as close to the sound quality of the 933 but at a more affordable price.

Nic was in at Highend Headphones a couple of weeks ago and bought the prototype 931 in for us to listen to and the good news is that it really does get remarkably close to the 933 but with a price tag of £895 it is in reach of many more headphone enthusiasts, this really should be a popular amp, especially considering its small form factor being ideal for desktop solutions.

It will be due any time now and there will also be colour options for a small premium which use Maserati paint, I’m quite tempted by a really nice dark blue one for the shop :-)

Anyway if you’d like to experience the 931 don’t hesitate to get in touch so that we can let you know as soon as it is on demo.

Here are a few pictures of it in the standard finish -










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