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Spotify Connect and Bluetooth Come To Naim's Uniti Range!




Hi Everyone,

This is great news for users of Spotify with Naim streaming products, from now on all of the Naim Uniti range will come with the ability to play Spotify using Spotify Connect and will have Bluetooth aptX built in and for any present owners of Uniti Products and any of Naim’s Streamers will soon be getting a firmware update to enable the use of Spotify Connect.

I must admit it wasn’t until I got our demo Muso that I had never tried Spotify Connect before, I have been a Spotify Premium subscriber for some time but had only used it on my PC or through Sonos, the beauty of Spotify

Connect is that you use your tablet to access all the music with a really beautiful and content rich interface but as it is feeding from Spotify’s servers it doesn’t drain the battery of your device, I have to say I have been really impressed with Spotify Connect and it really is a great addition to Naim range of Uniti Products and Streamers. Naim are still testing the update for its streamers but it shouldn’t be too much longer.

Bluetooth is only going to be available on Uniti products and personally it is not something that I use but I’m sure it will be a convenient feature for a lot of people, Naim have adopted the aptX codec which is the best way to maintain quality over Bluetooth so I look forward to giving it a try.

The only downside to this news is that the prices have increased on the Uniti Range a little, please see the revised prices below.

We will have the full range of the new Uniti Products on demo very shortly so please feel free to pop in for a demo.

SuperUniti - £3675

NaimUniti 2 - £3050

UnitiLite (Now with DAB/FM as standard) - £1995

UnitiQute 2 - £1295






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