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Ultrasone Announce The Edition 5 Unlimited Headphones!



Hi Everyone,

I have just been notified that Ultrasone have announced that they will be very shortly be launching the Edition 5 Unlimited headphones, this is particularly exciting news as for those who read my comments regarding the Edition 5 then you’ll know that I was extremely impressed, for me they presented the ultimate closed back headphone and one of the best headphones currently available.

Where the Edition 5 was limited to 555 pairs worldwide the Unlimited, as its name suggests, is well unlimited, the great news is though that they use the same driver technology but instead of costing £3000 they will come in at £1599, they don’t come with the stand or presentation box and the gorgeous wooden cups have been replaced by ruthenium coated cups which look equally as stunning, but if they can sound the same these are going to be a real winner and give some real competition to Audeze’s LCD-XC as the reference closed back headphone at ‘Sensible’ money.

I have ordered my demo pair and they should be with us sometime next week so if you’d like to give them a try please do get in touch to book a demo.

Below are a few pics and a link to the website for more info -









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