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A Look Inside Highend Headphones!



Hi Everyone,

Highend Headphones has been running for a couple of months now but we are still putting the finishes touches to the converted stable that it is based in, we are really keen to get the smaller demo room up and running but with Christmas looming fast that may well have to wait till next year.

Wendy is starting to find her feet now being thrown in at the deep end, one minute she is an IT engineer the next she is the headphone Mistress :-) but she is a quick learner and is really starting to understand all the different presentations that all the headphones have to offer and more importantly she makes a better cuppa than me.

Thanks also to everyone who has been in so far and helped make the first couple of months such a success, being that we are the only dedicated Highend Headphone demo facility in the UK I have been quite keen to get a few pictures taken of the new building but my photography skills on a iPhone really don’t do the property justice, luckily for us one of our best customers is a top photographer, please step forward Mr Jason Beeby, please see below for a sample of his work, if you have any photography needs please do let us know and I will put you in touch with Jason as this guy really does know what he is doing. I have to say that when he first showed me the pictures I was blown away, I really didn’t expect them to be that stunning, they really are as if you are in the shop. He has taken quite a few detailed and up close shots that I hope to post during the week some time, but below are a small sampler.

Also I want to mention that the art on the wall is also from one of our customers, these are for sale so if you do like the look of what you see please do get in touch and I can put you in touch with Keith Sunasky, the artist, saying that they look so good in the shop that I’d be very reluctant to see them go. Please find a link to his Facebook page below -


Needless to say if anyone is thinking of a full headphone rig or just a pair of headphones please do get in touch as I’d like to think we have something for all the audiophiles out there :-)





Like I say I will hopefully get the other pictures uploaded this week.

We are always on the lookout for new headphones and amps as this is certainly a faster moving industry than the HiFi side of things so please keep an eye on the website for any new developments.




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