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Trilogy 931 Headphone Amplifier Now On Demo!



Hi Everyone,

I guess its fair to say that we have a few headphone amps on demo, all are great but we really do have a special like for the Trilogy 933 headphone amp, so once we heard there was going to be a cheaper version we couldn’t wait to get it on demo, well yesterday the Trilogy 931 was delivered, the first in the country, needless to say that it doesn’t disappoint.

Priced at £895 it really is great value for money, unbeatable I would say under the £1500 price point, making it a bit of a bargain, especially when you consider that it is all hand built in London and that you get a 3 year warranty.

I couldn’t wait to have a listen so as soon as it had warmed up a little I dove in using the Audeze LCD-3’s and Ultrasone Edition 5 Unlimited’s, instantly you notice the similarities with the 933, it offers a very open and airy sound that lets the music flow really nicely but with great control and drive at the bottom end, I would imagine once we have got some hours on it will only get better so I am going to leave it running for a few days and re-visit it next week.

The standard finish is priced at £895, but we went for the beautiful blue finish which cost an extra £175 but looks absolutely stunning and is worth every penny, there will also be yellow and red versions but any colour, as long as a car paint, can be used.

As far as I can see, if you are looking for an analogue headphone amp under £1000, well to be fair probably under £1500 then the 931 is going to be the one to beat, if you’d like to give it a try please feel free to get in touch to arrange a demo.

Please find a few pictures below -










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