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Arcam Solo Bar and Solo Sub Now On Demo!



Hi All,

Just a quick message to say that we now have the Arcam Solo Bar and Solo Sub on demo, I have to admit that sound bars have never really been something to get me too excited but as I am a bit of an Arcam fan when they announced the Solo Bar and matching sub I actually found myself looking forward to having a play.

Also I have to say that since we launched just over 2 years ago I don’t think I have had a product that has had so much interest, with the phone ringing and a lot of demo’s booked for it for before Christmas so it looks like Arcam are onto a winner here.

This is purely a 2.1 system with no surround sound trickery, which quite frankly is all a nonsense anyway, Arcam have concentrated solely on sound quality for TV, Movies but also music, it is almost as if Arcam have squeezed one of their A19’s into a soundbar shaped package as for music playback it really is very good indeed. Once unboxed you can run a room calibration setup using the supplied mic which really makes a huge difference, you can switch between on and off so you can choose what you prefer.

I will say though that if you are going to use Arcam’s new Solo Sub then I would really recommend a hard wired connection as opposed to wireless, wireless does work but with a cable connected the sub definitely has more drive and just seems more powerful.

The Solo Bar’s other strength is the number in inputs, 4 x HDMI, 1 x Coax, 1 x Optical, ARC + a sub out meaning that if your prefer to use another make of sub then that is a possibility, it really is hard to fault the Solo Bar really.

Whether listening to music or cinema the sub integrates perfectly with the Solo Bar with no real idea where the bass is coming from, I played the opening scene from Dark Knight and it really does pack quite a punch. Another feature that is quite useful is BlueTooth, not something that I use very often but it works faultlessly and even displays the name of the song playing on the Solo Bar which I thought was a nice touch, oh yes and there is also an app to replicate the remote control for either your phone or tablet.

So all in all, a brilliant pair of products from Arcam, if you’d like to come a have a listen please feel free to get in touch.











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