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Arcam FMJ P49 + FMJ C49 Now On Demo, Taking It To The Next Level!



Hi All,

Another quick blog to say that we now have Arcam’s new flagship FMJ P49 2 channel power amplifier on demo along with their new FMJ C49 Pre-amplifier.

It has certainly been a busy year for Arcam with them releasing products right up to the end of the year, lucky for us everyone has been a winner but for me after spending quite a lot of time listening to their A49 integrated amp based on Arcam’s Class G amplification it has been the P49 that I have been really waiting for.

I am not overly technical, I just know the sound that I like so I won’t go into the details of how Class G works other than the P49 gives 200 watts into 8 ohms, 400 watts into 4 ohms, but most importantly the first 50 watts are pure Class A, which is probably enough power for most speakers, I think it is fair to say that Class A does sound the best but runs hot and is inefficient, that has all changed with Arcam’s Class G technology, and the best part is that it sounds as good as I hoped.

Basically to help run it in I took it home, don’t tell the boss :-) and have been running it on my PMC Fact.12’s through the Arcam AV950 and the results have been quite amazing, the Fact.12’s are not the easiest speaker to drive and do need a meaty amp to get the best from them but the P49 really has loads to spare and drives them with ease, what I love about this Class G technology is just how right everything sounds, you get a really great powerful, full and controlled bass with brilliant detail and seperation, it is such a well balanced sound that has a analogue and rich quality to it.

I was wondering if one P49 would be enough on the Fact.12’s, which it is but I can’t help wondering how it would sound with 2 x P49’s set as Mono Blocks :-)

Not forgetting the C49, I have only had a quick listen to be honest, I hooked it up with the P49 partnered with the UDP411 as a source via its balanced outputs into our demo Fact.12’s and it sounded very well balanced, open with that great Class G drive at the bottom, I’m hoping to give it a more thorough try out over Christmas but early signs sounded very promising.

If you do fancy coming in for a listen please feel free to get in touch, below are the links on our website + a few pictures.











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