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Rear Brakes

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Well, The Champagne Gold excel arrived home a week or so ago and so I've now started work on it.
The plan is to get the obvious bits done then go for an MOT test.

The rear brakes; well the callipers were seized solid, the discs were pitted beyond hope, the brake unions were rusted solid at every point and the backing plate for one side had more than half disintegrated.

Rear callipers swapped for better ones that I'd stripped and cleaned.
Rear brake discs swapped for ones that were in better condition and had been skimmed.
One rear hub carrier replaced (easiest way to swap out the backing plate).
Rear shoes replaced with better ones (but not new).
Rear flexible pipes replaced with stainless braided ones.
Rear metal brake pipes replaced with copper (already was copped but the nuts were well and truly rusted solid) from the chassis piece back.

I have started on the front brakes but still need to sort out the final details of the front upgrades and possibly fit new bearings.

Rear bumper removed as there is some paint damage and a slight split, must have been collision damage.
Rear spats off for repair, both have split apart in places.
Rear lamps cleaned (as best I could) to get rid of algae and moss inside them.

Rear outer bolts for seatbelt mounting plates removed (big power saw).

That seems like a reasonable weekend of work considering 1/2 Friday was lost to the Elf and its alternator issue and 3/4 Sunday I was visiting my Great Niece for her 1st birthday.
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