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Front brakes

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Today I fitted the modified front brakes, not finished because of a slight mis-measurement I will need to have a small amount of material machines off the shim and the calliper spacers.

[s]2mm needs to come off the shim that pushes the disc outwards from the car [/s] The shims that push the discs away from the wheel need to be at least 2mm thicker, and that same amount plus another 2mm to come off the spacers that move the callipers in the same direction. Despite this, I will still need to fit a thin shim between the hub and the wheel as it currently has 3 washers per wheel stud to give enough clearance for the wheel to turn. Moving the callipers inwards 4mm will mean the wheels turn without fouling the callipers but to allow for flex in the wheels when cornering I need to give another 2-3mm. I can also gain another 1mm by shaving a part of the calliper which isn't really required.

So, with the temporary washers in place I have bled the brakes and have a decent pedal with very little movement without servo assistance, tomorrow the car goes up on the ramps for work on the exhaust and seat belt mounts.

Edit: Realised much later that night that the change I was planning to do to the shim was the wrong change. I may be able to get enough additional movement on the disc position so as to no need to put a spacer on the wheels, that's the desire because spacing them means putting longer studs in the hub.
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