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Introducing The Chord Hugo TT, Can't Wait To Try This!



Hi All,

It has certainly been a busy CES this year but the product that has got me the most excited is the new Chord Hugo TT, basically a desktop Hugo, what more could you want :-) We are big fans of the Hugo here and this really is a product that a lot of people have been waiting for as I know of some people that have been replacing their expensive DAC’s in their main HiFi’s and replacing them with the portable Hugo as the DAC section really is something quite special, so now with this Desktop version it will be far easier to incorporate into an existing HiFi as well as being at the centre of a highend headphone setup.

The improvements over the portable Hugo are a bigger battery, remote control, better cable connectivity, longer Bluetooth range, XLR outputs, two 1/4in headphone outputs (in addition to a 3.5mm headphone jack), upgraded coaxial and optical digital inputs, a new larger chassis and supercapacitors.

As Chord’s engineers have improved the Hugo’s battery and added Supercap energy storage, a technology seen in F1 cars where supercapacitors back up the car’s batteries by sharing the load and charge demands, thus protecting them, according to Chord they serve a similar purpose in the Hugo TT, extending the battery life as well as improving dynamics and demanding transients in recorded music.

So this really is one product that I can’t wait to get my hands on, priced at £2995 it is a fair old wedge but for the performance that it offers I think that is a fair price, not sure on availability yet but we will be getting one asap so please check back as I will write up a mini review once I have spent some time with it, it is available in silver or black.











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