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Engine service

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Hmm. I stated today was going to be exhaust and seatbelt mounts.
Seatbelt mounts are still in place (were to be cut off) , and that's not because they are acceptable. I just didn't get a chance.
Exhaust, still in place, but not un-touched. Work that has been done on it previously: The rear pipes that go round the drive shafts have been cut and partially replaced with flexible pipe, the Y section has been lengthened. In short, it has been hacked beyond all use. I now need to make a choice, replace with decent second-hand one, replace with new standard one or replace with uprated one. Anyway, once the engine is running again I'll check to see how bad the leaks are note, did not assume there will be none) and possibly patch it to get through the MOT then make the decision.

So, what did I do?
The day focussed on bleeding all the old fluid out of the clutch and replacing with new, by the look of the fluid it was decades old and the seals are starting to go. Hopefully it's the slave cylinder seals as thy will be easier to fit.
I changed the oil, oil filter, cam belt and V belts.

So, not a bad day's work considering the sun was setting at 5pm and it took me a couple of hours to get the car up on the ramps this morning (winching it on as I didn't want to keep relying on a cam belt that is 8+ years old.
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Ah, it's funny yo should mention sheepskin, I keep meaning to purchase one. No a coat, just a skin. Nick Fulcher recommends them as seat covers, none of this fancy tailored tied on stuff, just punch a couple of holes, secure then via the head rest and away toy go. Comfy, warm and removable ready for washing every decade.

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