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Getting engine running

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I must stop planing to do things, I tend not to get them done in the order planned so I then fell that I've not achieved as much as I need to. I planned to get up early today and get on with the car before popping out (day of holiday today). Migraine put pay to that, I had to be driven to the local housing association office as I didn't feel up to driving, anyway, rent for garage paid, keys received.

Eventually (approX 2pm) I felt able to stand and not keel over, so power tools became an option again.

I cut the old seatbelt anchor mounts off, well the nuts and washer-like piece of metal that was left at each end.

Exhaust, I haven't taken it off because, I couldn't find a leak. The system seemed to pressurise well.

That brings me to the engine, I needed that running in order to check the exhaust. With a charged battery borrowed from the Elf I tried and could only get it to start then die. After battery full of charge was applied again I realised I hadn't heard the pump tick (old SU type still on there), found the wire off, that done and fuel enrichment device operated, it started. Oil pressure came up well, and quickly. It was very lumpy, found one cylinder was missing. Pulled the leads in sequence and found no4 had no change, then with wiggling of no 3, no 4 started to fire occasionally. that hinted at a lead/ dissy cap moving type issue. The leads are pretty poor, so get box of new Magnacor ones from shelf and prepare to fit, consider the dissy cap etc so remove air box and pull off cap.
Rotor arm is shot, it looks 10s of 1000s of miles beyond serviceable use, the rotor cap is brand new.
I broke the clip for the dissy cap, so will get a new one of those and new Rotor arm then check if it fires evenly on all 4.

The clutch thrust bearing made a fair bit of noise initially but went off after approx 60 seconds, so it may be OK, it may fail in a short period of service, we'll see.
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