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Get the Best From Your HiFi With ISOL-8 Power Conditioners!




Hi All,

I have to admit that power conditioners are an area that I haven’t spent too much time exploring in the past but have always felt it was an itch I wanted to scratch in more depth, as in principle they make a lot of sense, particularly nowadays with all the rubbish that sits on the mains ring polluting the supply which affects the performance of your hifi, have you ever noticed how your system can sound better late at night once everyone has turned everything off and gone to bed? I definitely find this at home.

I have tried a few conditioners in the past all with varying effects, but I borrowed one of Nic Poulson’s conditioners just before Christmas and had one of those rare WOW HiFi moments. We know Nic well thanks to his excellent Trilogy Headphone amps that we are big fans of and his other company is ISOL-8 which focuses on conditioners and mains distribution, Nic co-founded IsoTek which I’m sure many of you have heard of but he parted ways after a few years and set up Isol-8, I have to say he really does know his stuff.

At the moment we have the MiniSub Axis on demo, to be totally honest I have only tried it with headphones but the difference was so big that if you take headphone listening seriously I would really recommend that you at least borrow it from us and give it a try, I have tried a lot of kit over the years and it is very rare that you try something and it stops you in your tracks, there is one track that I have used for demo’s many times, when the MiniSub Axis was used I heard a car horn at the beginning that I have never heard before, I had to grab the iPad and go back as I wasn’t sure if it was outside, but it was on the recording but had just been lost before, quite amazing, then when I went back and took the MiniSub out the horn got lost in the mix again, the extra insight is great but you also get more detail, separation, textures, it really does help bring out parts of the mix.

We will have the MiniSub Axis setup permanently in Highend Headphones and I will shortly be adding a Substation Integra to try with the bigger hifi systems for HiFi Lounge, I strongly believe that adding an ISOL-8 conditioner will help get the very best from your system but I am also quite happy to lend our demo model out for anyone to try at home as every setup is different and the overall performance gains can be different, so if you’d like to give an ISOL-8 conditioner a try at home please feel free to get in touch to arrange.

Please find below a link to ISOL-8’s products on our website.








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