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She runs

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So, not a lot of point be me up and about at 7am today. I got outside to find it had then started raining, but eventually realised the day wasn't going to get much better so I did some work on the car.

The new belt tensioner was fitted to go with the new belt.
New rotor arm and cap clip to go with the new dissy cap, leads etc.

Would it start? After a short run, no. I was sure it wasn't out of fuel and obviously I was right as the plugs were found to have been flooded, so cleaned, dried etc it ran but only for a short while. I finally realised I'd knocked the pump power supply off again. So, with that done the car started, not absolutely smoothly but it ran and after a minute or two its engine management system cut in and the revs dropped and it evened out a lot. I still haven't timed it using the strobe but I'll do that before I run it properly.

I didn't get on the floor and do more to fabricate the seat belt mounting plates, it was too wet for me to want to.

I did check out more of the electrics, and haven't sorted all that I found. the new headlight bulbs are in (Osram night breakers, found them great in a previous car) so both headlights work on both beams. I cannot get the left hand side sidelights and rear light to work. Fuse OK, power to the fuse, earth OK (indicator works). Must be a broken wire/ poor connection between fuse box and the lamps, so worst case it will be run from the other side with a relay for the MOT.

When I replaced the blown fuse for the HRS (Took me ages to realise it meant Heated Rear Screen) and whatever else runs on it, I ended up with the seatbelt warning light and fain fail warning lights on even with the ignition off. Something is not right there, but I don't yet know what.
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