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Off the ramps

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OK, not much progress to report today.

It starts and runs and so with most of the underneath work done (and the 7 inch vice grips removed that I'd forgotten about attaching to the chassis) I've lowered the car off the ramps. With that done I can get on with adjusting the dimensions of the front brake components.

The lights, well they are now working. What did I do to sort it? I don't know. I checked the wiring diagram and realised the number plat lamp was the only point at which I'd not checked for power. I checked and it gave a decent reading, so I assumed it was a poor connection somewhere giving a large resistance so put the lamp on to check and it worked. Then I realised the rear NS lamp was also on, walked to the front and it was working. So, no more work on that.

I've started on the rear spats, one was split in two along the length of the bottom and other splits at the top corner and corner of the flat section as well as minor chip type damage. Unfortunately this looks to be many years old and the water and algae had crept into the fibreglass. I've cut away most (if not all) of the damage and repaired with P38 filler (using it as an adhesive as well as filler). I still have a bit of work to do to get the finish ready for spraying with colour, but it's a lot closer than it was. The other side spat wasn't as bad except somebody had used what looks like polyurethane sealant in the crack on that one and it hadn't worked. I ended up cutting out a lot more of this spat in order to get rid of the algae and get a good adhesion. This spat still needs the next lot of filler added having been carved back to approximately correct shape with a Surform.

That still leaves the bumper to be started.

Thinking ahead to the MOT, jobs I must do before booking it in.
Sort front brake mounting
Fit exhaust mount rubbers
Either fit new seatbelt anchor mounts or remove rear seatbelts (then do the rest of the job).
Fix, paint and fit bumper (fit new breather pipe before fitting bumper
Repair rear lights and refit
Fit new steering rack gaiter (may result in damaged TRE/ TRE gaiter)
Set timing
Mount fuel pump securely
Obtain new battery (currently using one from Elf)
Remove old headlining so you can see out of rear window.
Fit new mirror glass
Check on steering fluid hose for leak (advised by previous owner)

Is that it?
It's all I can think of the definitely needs doing for the MOT. that still leaves headlining, leather work, cleaning, touching up paint etc but I'm keen to get it MOT'd and then I know the cleaning and finishing will not be undone by major work.
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