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SPL Phonitor Headphone Amps Join Our Line Up!




Hi All,

Just a quick one to say that after much request we now have added the SPL range of headphone amps to our line up with the Phonitor 2 on permanent demo with the Mini to follow shortly, not only do they look cool but they use Crossed technology, please see below for more info -

Sound Performance Lab, or SPL for short, are a German Pro Audio company that just happen to make very interesting headphone amps and after many requests from our customers we are now happy to offer them for demo and sale. What makes SPL’s Phonitor Headphone Amps so popular are that they use Crossfeed Technology to replicate speaker performance from a highend headphone amp. SPL developed this mainly for the Pro Audio sector for studio mastering but once headphones enthusiasts tried the Phonitor amps they soon realised that this was also great technology to use in a home headphone system. The logic behind Crossfeed is that fundamentally music listened to on a speaker and headphone rig are presented in different ways as with headphones each ear only hears one channel, whereas with speakers the right ear can hear the left channel and vice versa so with the Phonitor amps you set the amount of Crossfeed + other settings to replicate the speaker experience.

So please feel free to pop into Highend Headphones to try a very different headphone listening experience with a SPL Phonitor Headphone Amplifier partnered with our selection of all the best headphones available today.

Please find a link below for SPL on our website + a few Pictures -


[b]Phonitor 2[/b]







[b]Phonitor Mini[/b]





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