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RIJ 781 is purchased

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Hi, On the 4[sup]th[/sup] October I Purchased a 1981 Esprit S3 in pieces, as you do!, or should I say as I do, this being the third car I have purchased in this way.
I thought I would try and document the events during the restoration and attach a few photos as we go.
Please be patient, as this is the first time I have tried this ‘Blogging’ process.
On initial inspection it would appear that there are a number of items that will need replacing and some that are missing!!
The chassis and most of the mechanical items have just come back from being powder coated and after a two visits to Lotusbits I have started to re-assemble the chassis and all of the running gear.
Engine and Gearbox have been sent away to be inspected and in the case of the engine upgraded to ‘HC’ spec. Did not realize that by doing this there are a number of changes that will need to be made, namely Oil Cooler now needs to be at the front of the car not next to the engine, so new oil pipes are the next requirement!
Finished running the new brake lines, trial fitting the front suspension and ARB today so time for a rest.
Have attached some photos (if I get the process right!)
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Good luck from me too. It's allways good to see frech glossy parts go together just like when the car was new. And it's allways good to be able to put together these parts as well, as opposed to rusty grimey clogged parts. But I have a question: I see you're using a clutch hose, seemingly of the same type as Lotus used originally. When these are new, they are fine, but after a few years in the heat of the exhaust manifold (or even turbo) they get brittle, and can crack. Spraying clutch fliud (basically a kind of oil) over the hot exhaust. This seem to be a not very uncommon reason for fires in these beauties...

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