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Another small amount of progress

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Today I've been watching / listening for the telephone as the Silver one was due to arrive and so I was due a call early to advise of ETA. That call didn't come until early afternoon and so the car isn't arriving until late tonight. That distracted me from the task in hand , the gold one.

Having successfully moulded the Dumdum for the base of the front screen I checked the top of the rear and as feared it had split away form the glass leaving a nice crevice for debris and water to collect and so water to get into the car. That's been removed and Dumdum applied to seal it.

The fuel pump is now secured and the breather hose replaced although not glued the rear carpet back in place that holds the pipe.

The rear seats have been removed ready for cleaning and more importantly for getting the seatbelt mounts in and the new seat fastening tabs attached.

The remnants of the gear knob have been removed.

The rear spoiler removed and some of the black paint done, it had been polished off so the gold was showing through.

The screen wash works, to be fair it was working, I just didn't know if it was, and then it was only working once I put the hose back on that I forgot the other day.
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