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New Magneplanar .7 Speakers Now On Demo!



Hi All,

As many of you know we are big fans of Magneplanar speakers here so once we heard the Maggie MG12, their smallest floorstander, was about to be upgraded we couldn’t wait to get our hands on the new model so it is great news that after a couple of months of waiting the new .7 Magneplanar speaker is now with us and on permanent demo.

They are styled slightly differently with metal side strips rather than wood and a rounded top rather than flat, it doesn’t sound much but it really helps make them a touch more stylish, as an option you can also now buy an oval stand that really does look quite nice. The main changes though to the .7 compared to the MG12 is that they now use the same ribbon technology, know as Quasi Ribbon, as the rest of the Maggie range meaning that the .7 is a faster speaker and more insightful, it is still a 2 way speaker though which helps keep the size reasonably small for a panel speaker.

I have been running them for the last couple of days on our PrimaLuna valve amp and I have to say that even though the .7’s now cost £2000 I really don’t think you will find a more magical speaker than the .7, OK Maggies have their limitations but what they do well they really can’t be beaten, if you listen to a lot of vocal, acoustic, jazz, blues, orchestral, well most types of music really other than industrial metal then I really recommend you come and have a listen, as I really do think that the .7’s are a real HiFi bargain and there aren’t many of them around.

Please see below for a couple of pictures and a link to the Magneplanar lineup on our website -





[b]Maggie .7 with optional oval stand![/b]




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