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Join Us For ‘Classic Rock Saturday’ - March 21st!




Hi Everyone,

To start our open days off for 2015 we thought we’d start with a bang, after the success of last years Led Zeppelin day with Dave Lewis from ‘Tight But Loose’ Dave will be back again but this year we are widening the bands we will be playing to those classic rock bands that we all love, so expect loads of Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, Some Led Zeppelin of course, David Bowie, The Who, Rolling Stones, Yes, Eagles, I will definitely sneak some Springsteen in, but basically any rock from the 70’s is welcome, I may even slip in some Guns & Roses, not strictly 70’s but it was over 20 years ago that they shook the rock world so that makes them a classic rock band in my book.

Dave Lewis will be in attendance with the TBL crew and there will also be a variety of TBL products on offer including TBL magazines, books and T-shirts. He will also be staging a fun Zep/Classic Rock quiz with prizes to be won.

We will be running the fantastic PMC MB2 SE speakers with a full Bryston rig comprising of their awesome 1000 watt 28B SST2 Monoblocks, if anything can rock then this system is it :-) We will use a mix of CD and vinyl, for vinyl we will be using our new Well Tempered Versalex Turntable with the amazing Dynavector Te Kaitora Rua MC Cartridge fitted and for any video footage we can fire up the JVC X500 projector on our 120” screen.

[b]Get your records cleaned![/b]

To offer something a little different on the day, Barry from Grade1 Records - the Cherished Music Store will be on hand to clean any records that you’d like to get the best from, either give your old favourites a new lease of life or even if you have got any brand new pressings they really do benefit from a clean as it will remove the releasing agent used when pressing the album, this really does greatly improve dynamics so I would definitely recommend you give it a try if you love your vinyl, priced at £3 per vinyl so definitely worth a try.

We will supply refreshments throughout the day with Wendy making sure that everyone is got ample tea and coffee, so please put March 21st in your calendar for a day that is just to enjoy some classic rock music on some great equipment and to have some fun.

Let’s Rock and raise the HiFi Lounge roof!




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