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Migraine, stops play, well most of it.

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Having been awake until approx 5 am due to a migraine then asleep for several hours after taking Sumatriptan I didn't get much done today, but deliberately didn't take 120mg - 24mg Codiene which would have stopped me bothering about the pain, if I'd taken that I'd have got absolutely nothing done..
I washed the interior parts that I washed yesterday, this time with a clean water rinse to remove traces of the detergent. It pulled even more dirt out, looks a bit brighter still and has less odour (the odour is/ was of the detergent itself and is there to ensure there's no nasty mouldy smell after the wash).
I've also removed the passenger front seat and washed that (including clear water rinse).

For interior washing that leaves the driver's seat, driver's side rear trim, both door insert panels and both small areas of material at the end of the dash. The carpets are beyond hope.
The carpets were a beige/ gold colour, some parts must have become damaged so somebody replaced them with other carpet, trimmed to the right shape and edges bound but it's a colour that's almost grey and so matches the faded & dirty sections of the original carpet. best just to rip out and start again on that. Then I have the roof lining to do.

While the trims are out I'll do the seatbelt mounts and put new securing tabs on the rear seat (old ones rusted away).
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