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Suspension off



Well the goals for this session were:
1) to assess the broken exhaust studs in the cylinder head and figure out how to make a jig to drill those out and repairing replace them and then
2) if possible to get the suspension components from all four corners taken off ready to sandblasting and coating with epoxy.


The 40 quid engine stand from eBay worked perfectly with the engine fairly well balanced on the mounting plate,a little bit top-heavy maybe, but it will certainly make the job of drilling out the studs and awful lot easier. I will possibly be able to adjust so that the exhaust flange face is perfectly horizontal allowing pillar drill access rather than using pistol drill to drill out those studs.


The rear springs look perfectly okay, nice and straight albeit with a fair bit of surface rust, but that should come off with a good blasting. rear shocks again have quite a lot of surface rust but seem perfectly serviceable so they will go back on after refurb. everything obviously will be greased up and I'll know what I'm doing next time so I think it's going back on the road with all the original parts initially. It can then be tested against a properly set up car so that we can see how much difference it makes and whether it warrants replacing any more of the suspension bushes. anything that is obviously worn will be replaced ..such being the case with the ARB bushes at the front.


The front-end was altogether more of a pig to take apart than the rear. the upper suspension wishbone bolt actually had to come out through the body of the car...there is a thread on here ( search "upper wishbone")and I think Buddsy managed to do it without going through the body his 85 model, but as the picture here shows


there is no way that bolt was going to come out towards the front of the car, the bolt end is tight up,to the body even at this point... that meant taking out the carpet from the interior and effectively punching through a big mastic patch which would have been applied after torquing up the suspension wishbone bolts to stop water ingress.
Above shows the bolt end ready to be withdrawn.
This of course means I now have to replace the carpet as well which wasn't on the schedule for now, but there we go...


Having been on my own DPO while the car was on the road the trunnions were worrying me, so they had to come off. generally the suspension bolts came out fairly easily, but the trunnion bolts had seized within the bushes so we actually had to grind through the trunnion bolts before being able to get them out of the trunnion bodies, in which the grease was still nice and soft, so they remain perfectly serviceable, just a new bush set required each side


Also, the front spring weren't as good as the rears:
Is there too much sag in these?


As for the bushes throughout, the antiroll bar end bushes were definitely passed their best so will be replaced, and so all ARB bushes will go PU, but most of the rear suspension link bushes look perfectly serviceable, no obvious splits or tears in all except one, and that's on the exterior flange so I need to confirm whether that needs replacing at this point or not.


Saw an episode of wheeler-dealers where Ed actually used engine lifting straps with the ratchet handles as spring compressors which I thought was a remarkably good idea. didn't have to do that while the shocks were coming off but we did employ that particular method for taking out the antiroll bar, strapping it from one end to the other
and that made things an awful lot easier, so going back in, that method will be employed again. I can see also it being useful for pulling the antiroll bar up to the centre mounting points on the chassis.


Stripped back end:


I now have a workshop full of suspension bits and brake calipers ready for overhaul/ sanding before the next planned visit towards the end of April, and a blasting tank (£63 ebay jobbie) due to arrive Friday.
So overall a successful 630 mile round trip to visit the Esprit this time.


Almost April now and 50% of parts grit blasted awaiting re-coating. Spring, arms,and brake componemts came up well, shocks a bit of a cow to clean properly - ended up using a twisted wire brush mounted to the grinder for the first stage. Wishbones still to do, and lower arms to be steam cleaned as these are galvanised, then its on to the painting stage.


Doing it all at home with a small blasting tank, 80 mesh alox from machine mart, and a (too) small compressor. Time consuming, but time is something i have enough of!


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