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Chord's New Sarum Super Aray Now On Demo!




Hi Everyone,

I don’t think there is any better known or more respected cable company in the UK than The Chord Company so when we were looking to bring another cable company on to give an alternative to our Atlas range that we are big fans of then The Chord Company was the obvious choice, especially with their excellent Sarum range of highend cables so it gives us great pleasure to now be able to offer Chord’s cables to our customers.

At this time we are focusing on Chord’s higher end cables so we have the Signature Tuned Aray cables and also their brand new Sarum Super Aray cables on demo which were launched at Bristol last week and replace the Tuned Aray cables after a few years of being the go to highend cable for may HiFi enthusiasts as it offers unrivalled levels of transparency, insight and musicality, so I am really looking forward to sitting down and giving this new range a good listen.

Don’t worry though if you have the previous Sarum cables though as these can be upgraded to the new Super Aray spec by going back to Chord, if this is something you’d like to discuss please feel free to get in touch.

Obviously cables are very subjective and to really hear how they can improve your system you do really need to try them in your system at home so if you’d like to give either the Sarum or Signature a try please get in touch to arrange a home demo.

[b]Introducing Chords New ‘Music’ Cable[/b]

As if Chord’s Sarum wasn’t highend enough Chord also announced at Bristol that they will shortly be launching their new flagship range which will sit above Sarum called ‘Music’, this will be a development on the Sarum Super ARAY’s unique conductor configuration but will be using a new isolating material called ‘Taylon’ which has never been seen in cable manufacture before and will reveal even more detail from a recording but will also allow poor recording to sound their best which sounds like a winner to me, needless to say we will have these cables on demo once available.

As I said please feel free to get in touch to arrange a demo or to try the Chord range in your system at home, please find a link to the highend end of the Chord range on our website -





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