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Devialet 400 Dual Mono Now On Demo!



Hi All,

I think everyone knows that we are big fans of Devialet here, from the configurability, its style but most of all how it sounds, Devialet really are offering something different and exciting in the world of HiFi.

Since we took Devialet on as a brand around a year ago the plan was always to have the full range on demo, we started off with the stereo versions, so the 120, 200 and 250 but now we have just taken on the 200 Companion so that we can now demo the Devialet 400 Dual Mono Setup, this basically means that you run a Devialet 200 for each speaker configured as a monobloc giving 400 watts per channel into 6ohms.

I have been running the 400 over the last few days with our new Chord Sarum Super Aray cables and the difference over running a single Devialet 200 is quite marked, it isn’t about being able to go louder but just how more effortless the sound comes across with better seperation and imaging, it is certainly a pretty potent setup, especially with SAM activated.

Now I need to start saving for a 250 companion so that we can demo the Devialet 800 Dual Mono Setup with 800 watts per channel :-)

Below is a link to Devialet on our website + a few pictures, keep an eye out as we are planning to hold a Devialet Dual Mono open day in conjunction with Devialet’s Phantom release, once we know when Devialet will release the Phantom to dealers we will announce a date but I would expect it to be around June time hopefully.









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