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OPPO PM-3 Headphones Are Here, The Wait Is Over!



Hi All,

I promised to all the enquiries that we have had regarding the PM-3’s that I would blog the minute that the they came through the door, well I will keep this quick but they have just arrived, so I dropped everything and took a few quick pictures.

Wendy has taken them straight round to our headphone shop to get them running in ready for all the demo’s that are booked, along with the Audeze EL-8’s that are due any day now I have never known any other headphones to get this much interest.

Being OPPO it goes without saying that the PM-3’s come beautifully packed and look to be very well made and comfortable, you also get 4 different cables in the box which should cover all kinds of different devices that the PM-3’s could be connected to, Priced at £349 they look to be incredible value, anyway I’ll shut up and upload some pictures, please feel free to book to come in for a demo, thanks.













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