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Don't Miss Our 'Classic Rock Day' This Saturday!




Hi all,

As the weekend is now fast approaching, we are looking forward to rocking out with some Classic Rock with Dave Lewis from the Led Zeppelin Tight But Loose fan club, I thought I would just say that we will be starting from around 10am with muffins and coffee with nibbles throughout the day.

The awesome Bryston 28B SST2 1000 watts per channel mono blocs will be here from tomorrow then I just need to wheel out the excellent PMC MB2 SE speakers to really get our rock system warmed up in readiness.

Don’t forget that Barry will also be here with a selection of used vinyl for sale along with his record cleaning machine which I’m sure will be very busy indeed.

Below you will see a timetable that Dave has put together to give some structure to the day although this will be flexible as I am quite keen on everyone bringing any classic rock albums that they’d like to hear on our reference system.


Here is something of a timetable for the day - timings subject to change.

[b]10 am to 12 noon: [/b]


Audio and DVD Playback: Let’s rock the morning with Led Zep/The Who/Rolling Stones/David Bowie/Bad Company/Jimi Hendrix/Cream/Sabbath/Purple and more.

[b]12 to 1pm:[/b]

Audio and DVD Playback: The American Factor – Bruce Springsteen/The Eagles/Lynyrd Skynyrd, Crosby Stills & Nash and more.

[b]1pm to 2pm:[/b]

Audio and DVD Playback: Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti .The new reissue -here it like never before…

[b]2pm to 3pm:[/b]

Classic Rock Quiz: Your Classic Rock knowledge tested!

[b]3pm to 4pm[/b]

Audio and DVD Playback : The afternoon prog rock and chill out zone – Pink Floyd/Yes/ ELP/JethroTull and more

[b]4pm to 6pm:[/b]

Audio and DVD Playback: Your requests

Look forward to seeing everyone at the weekend :-)

More details below -





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