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Our Highend Headphones Shop Featured In HiFi Choice!



Hi All,

Just a quick blog to say that our Highend Headphones shop is featured in this months (April Cover Date) HiFi Choice with a really great 4 page article written by Ed Selley starting on page 90.

Basically we put 3 Highend Systems together to show what we consider to be 3 of the best currently available today, covering open and closed back headphones with planar, dynamic and electrostatic drivers from brands such as Abyss, Stax and McIntosh with a variety of amps and dacs.

So I would say that it is definitely worth picking up a copy this month if you don’t normally, the only questionable piece in the article is that Wendy and myself are titled as ‘Experts’ not too sure about that :-) It’s definitely a great read though.




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